1. What does LCF do?

     - a membership organization composed of over 70 operating and grant-making corporate foundations and corporations practicing

          corporate social responsibility.

2. What are the implementing projects of Jollibee Food Corp.?

     - Jollibee Food Corp. haas been implementing projects that link to their respective companies' business chain.

3. What are some of the CSR of Asian Institute of Management (AIM)?

     - Providing electricity to far-flung areas in the country - via its Project BEACON (Barangay Electrification Assistance for Countryside Development).

4. How does the Figaro Foundation strengthening the local coffee industry?

     - Figaro does strengthen the local coffee industry by assisting the communities and sectors that device sustenance from coffee farming.

5. What does "Share the Light," CSR of Meralco, do?

     - one of the CSR of Meralco is the electrification of Philippine public schools and depressed communities.

6. What are some of the CSR of UCPB-CIIF?

     - long-running scholarship for children of coconut farmers and implements programs aimed at uplifting the quality of life of small coconut farmers and           enhance the development of the coconut industry as a whole.

7. What LCF encourages its other members?

     - LCF encourages its other members to implement similar programs to mitigate costs, encourage its principal companies to continue funding CSR since the           projects will form part of the business strategy.

8. What does LCF wants CSR community to continue?

     - LCF wants CSR community to continue serving the underprivileged sectors, particularly those in the countryside.

9. What course did the UCPB scholars took?

     - the scholars took Integrated Farming Technology

10. What is the title of the project of Splash that provides livelihood courses and skills training on cosmetology?

     - "Ganda Mo, Hanap buhay Ko!"