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Sarbanes-Oxley Act(SOX)

Page history last edited by Patrick 11 years, 7 months ago

     The speaker, Sir Robbie Charles Sia, talks about the SOX. In his introduction, he showed us a movie about driving a car without wearing a seatbelt.

In relation to the movie he showed us, the purpose of seatbelt is to make sure that the person is safe having it around him. It's primary purpose is keeping the person inside the car safe. In relation to that, SOX acts like a seatbelt inside the company. If SOX is applied inside the company, then operational excellence movement has an internal control. This are the following Internal Control: Process, Effected by people, Provides reasonable assurance, Object oriented. Having this kind of internal control has the following requirements that needs to be done. These are the following: Documented, Monitored and Tested.


     Having said the following requirements, there is an attach benefits to this.

     This are the following:

  • Better stackholder
  • Protection of the company
  • Better oppportunities for employment


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