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Vertical Marketing Solutions (VERTSOL) 

Cluetrain Manifesto Book Review

Cluetrain Manifesto 95 Theses

Web 2.0 Heroes

Book Review


IT Ethics

Tough times for call for more CSR (10 Integrative Questions)

Coding Horror (2 Questions)

Coding Horror (10 Integrative Questions)

The Ten Commandments

The Pirates Can't Be Stop (10 Commandments Activity)

What is a Christian Nation? (10 Integrative Questions)

La Sallian Moral Imperative

Chapter 4: Professional Ethics, Codes of Conduct and Moral Responsibility

Noblesse Oblige

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)

Yahoo Anti-Phishing

Contemporary Moral Problems (1-12)

  1. Egoism and Moral Scepticism
  2. Religion, Morality, and Conscience
  3. Master-and-Slave Morality
  4. Trying Out One’s New Sword
  5. Utilitarianism
  6. The Debate Over Utilitarianism
  7. The Categorical Imperative
  8. Happiness and Virtue
  9. The Nature and Value of Rights
  10. Taking Rights Seriously
  11. The Theory of Justice
  12. The Need for More Than Justice

Book Review (Bottom of the Pyramid, The Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics, Cyber Ethics)



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